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How A Fairfax Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Can Help If You Have Been Injured In Virginia Or Washington D.C.

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2016 | Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury occurs when there is damage to the spinal column,
which is essential to the proper functioning of the central nervous system
in your body. Any damage to the spinal cord can cause a loss of strength,
a loss of function, or a loss of sensation below the injury. A spinal
cord injury may be caused by a:

  • Car crash
  • Slip and fall
  • Abuse or violence, such as a gunshot wound
  • Sports injury
  • Disease, such as cancer, arthritis, or osteoporosis
  • Medical malpractice

Call a
Fairfax spinal cord injury lawyer if you have sustained a spinal cord injury and you believe another is
at fault for your pain and suffering. These types of cases can be complex
in terms of the legal and medical issues, but our experienced attorneys can help.

According to the
Mayo Clinic, you are at a higher risk for spinal cord injuries if you have been in
an accident and you are:

  • Male
  • Between 16-30 years old
  • A high risk-taker
  • Have a bone or joint disorder
  • Athletic and involved in sports such as gymnastics, hockey, skiing, diving,
    and surfing

However, even if you do not fall into one of the categories listed above,
you can still sustain a spinal cord injury, such as through a car accident.
If left untreated, a spinal cord injury may lead to paralysis. It is important
to get immediate treatment if you have suffered from a spinal cord injury.

At Shevlin Smith, we are here to speak with you about your injury and treatment,
as well as the cause of your injury, to determine if you have a cause
of action against another. Our experienced Fairfax spinal cord injury
attorneys understand both the medical and legal issues associated with
spinal cord injuries. Call our office at 703-721-4233 if you have
been injured in Virginia or Washington, D.C. We are here to help you,
call our office today.