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Understanding Side-Impact Accidents To The Fullest

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2016 | Traffic Accidents

A side-impact crash involves one vehicle smashing into the side of another car. Because this often looks like a “T” shape, this type of collision is also known as a T-bone accident. These wrecks often occur at intersections when drivers fail to stop at traffic signals and stop signs.

Some Common Factors That Lead to T-Bone Collisions

Many things can lead to a side-impact collision, but the following are some of the most common contributing factors:

  • Distracted driving. When drivers are texting while driving or distracted by their phones or other things, they take their eyes off the road. Unfortunately, they may miss a stop sign altogether or they may miss seeing a signal light change from green to red. Thus, distracted drivers are one of the common causes of side-impact collisions.
  • Aggressive and reckless driving. When drivers are going over 80 miles per hour or speeding over 20 miles per hour above the posted speed limit, they are considered reckless drivers in Virginia. Unfortunately, when drivers speed, they often run red lights and fail to stop at stop signs. Sometimes drivers do this because they cannot bring their vehicles to a stop in time, and other times drivers behave this way because they are aggressive drivers who are blatantly breaking the law and ignoring traffic signs and signals. As a result, T-bone accidents occur at intersections when negligent drivers fail to stop at red lights.
  • Drunk driving. When drivers are impaired by alcohol or drugs, they can make crucial mistakes that can lead to T-bone collisions. This is because their thoughts, coordination, and reaction time are impaired. Because of this, many drunk and drugged drivers fail to stop their vehicles at traffic lights and signals.

While most T-bone crashes take place at intersections due to negligent drivers running red lights and stop signs, some side-impact accidents occur after multi-vehicle collisions when cars spin out of control. Consequently, approaching traffic cannot bring their vehicles to a complete stop—resulting in a side-impact crash. Unfortunately, any type of T-bone accident can be serious—especially for those on the side of the vehicle that was hit.

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