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How A Disabling Injury Can Affect The Victim Emotionally

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

Those who become disabled due to an injury not only have to overcome the
physical challenges of their new disability, but they may also have to
cope with difficult and destructive emotions. Sadly, emotional impairments
are often the result of physical disabilities.

Someone who suffers a disabling injury will typically go through stages
of denial and mourning before learning to cope with their new reality.
During this time, many people experience the following difficult emotions:

  • Anger. One of the first emotions someone with a new disability often experiences
    is anger. This is a normal reaction to have when finding oneself suddenly
    disabled and needing to rely on others for help. The victim may be reacting
    to losing his freedom and independence and realizing life has changed
    due to his disabilities. Another cause of anger is the realization that
    he will not be able to participate in the sports or hobbies he once loved.
    Even doing certain things in his daily routine, such as getting dressed
    and brushing his teeth, may not be possible anymore.
  • Depression. Often, after coming to terms with anger, an accident victim may begin to
    suffer from depression. This can occur because of the many changes the
    victim must face. He may be unable to drive, may have to rely on others
    for help with daily living, and he may have even lost his job. The loss
    of these freedoms coupled with the isolation that can come from no longer
    being in control of one’s own life can easily lead to sadness and
  • Anxiety. Unfortunately, those who have to live with a disabling injury may feel
    anxious about being in public. They may feel as though they are being
    stared at or judged for their disability. They may also feel unsure about
    how they will be able to handle certain situations, such as getting around
    or communicating their needs. These uncertainties can lead to debilitating anxiety.

While it is not easy to come to terms with the losses a disabled accident
victim suffers, it is important that he copes with these strong and difficult
emotions in order to move on with his life. But he shouldn’t try
to do it alone.

What to Do Next

Although it is perfectly normal to experience anger and depression following
a disabling injury, it is important to stay emotionally healthy. Here
are some ways a person with a physical disability can start the road to
emotional healing:

  • Talk with someone. One of the best ways to heal and stay emotionally healthy is to talk about
    your feelings. You can talk with a relative or friend, but he or she may
    not know how to help you. This is why it is often best to seek professional
    counseling. Counselors and therapists will have tools and techniques to
    help you cope.
  • Join a support group. There are many different support groups for all types of medical issues,
    and there are also more general emotional support groups. Sometimes you
    might have to try out a few groups to find the best fit for you, as success
    depends on the people in the group. A good group can help you get through
    this tough time.
  • Get physical activity. Depending on your disability and your doctor’s orders, physical
    exercise may be an option. Even participating in physical therapy sessions
    and doing the exercises at home will not only help you physically feel
    better but may also help you heal emotionally as well.

Dealing with a disabling injury can be physically and emotionally challenging,
and you will want someone in your corner who knows how to fight for you
so that you can get the best compensation possible.
Contact us today for a free consultation. We would be honored to answer your questions.