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Why Pool Play Can Put Your Child In Danger

| Feb 14, 2017 | Catastrophic Injuries, Library

It’s Sunday afternoon and you and your family have been stuck inside most of the weekend due to continuous thunderstorms. However, the clouds seemed to have miraculously disappeared, so your children are begging you to take them swimming.

You check the weather and sure enough, it’s going to be 85 degrees and sunny for the rest of the day. Since you can’t really argue with their hopeful faces and you yourself could use a little relaxation in the sun, you gather the pool toys, bathing suits, and towels and head over to Banneker for a leisurely summer pool day.

As soon as you step into the pool area, your daughter sees a school friend and attempts to run over to greet her. Unfortunately, she starts to run directly toward a man carrying three metal lawn chairs over his head. You grab her arm and stop her, just as the man loses his balance while navigating around a puddle and drops all three chairs directly where your daughter would have been.

It’s only been two minutes, and already your child was almost injured. What other pool area hazards and dangerous activities should you be aware of in order to keep your children safe?

Pool Area Dangers

On hot summer days, there is nothing better than taking your kids to a pool and relaxing in the sun, while they play in the water; however, if they aren’t careful, and you’re not paying attention, a fun pool day could become a day of regrets and tragedy.

  • An overcrowded pool can make it difficult to stay above water, increasing your child’s chances of being pushed under and drowning.
  • Wet or slippery surfaces can cause your child to fall and seriously injure his back, neck, or spine, as well as put him in a horrible situation if he falls into the pool while injured—he may be unable to reach the surface because of his injuries or become unconscious underwater.
  • Secondary drowning can cause catastrophic injuries and death even after your child leaves the pool area.
  • Diving accidents can cause severe head and neck injuries, paralysis, and death if your child strikes the bottom the pool head-first.

Even if your children are avid swimmers, pool areas, other swimmers, and unforeseen circumstances can cause accidents. This is why it is important to stay alert to these certain pool hazards and make sure your children are aware of their surroundings at all times.

We know how devastating a serious accident can be and how difficult it can be to seek justice. Contact us today to get the support, experience and knowledge you need to pursue a claim, if you, your child or a loved one suffered a catastrophic poolside injury. We’re here to help you!

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