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Bowel And Bladder Issues: The Unmentionable Side Effects Of A Brain Injury

| May 24, 2017 | Brain Injuries, Library

The brain controls every function in the body—even bowel and bladder functions. In fact, the brain helps people know when they have to go to the bathroom and allows them to use their bodies in a way that helps them empty their bowels and bladders. So when someone suffers a brain injury as a result of medical malpractice, bladder and bowel issues are often a result.

What to Expect: Bowel and Bladder Changes

When someone who suffers trauma to the brain also experiences problems with her bowel and bladder, here are some things to expect:

  • Bladder infections. Following a brain injury, bladder functions are often impaired which is why urinary catheters are often used in hospitals. Although a catheter can be helpful during this time, catheters can also increase someone’s risk for a bladder infection.
  • Skin sores. Because diapers are often needed when someone has trouble controlling one’s bowels and bladder, it is possible to develop skin issues like sores that can lead to infections. When diapers are needed after a brain injury, it is critical to change the diaper often so that wounds don’t develop and to monitor the skin for any changes.
  • Rehabilitation. Many people with brain injuries often forget when they last went to the bathroom or they don’t know how to recognize that they need to urinate or defecate. Rehabilitation will teach people skills to help with bladder and bowel re-training. 

Because brain injuries can cause the loss of bowel and bladder control and lead to an increase in bladder infections, sores, and overall embarrassment, people who have suffered these unmentionable side effects of brain injuries need to be compensated appropriately. Sadly, the body will never function like it did before head trauma, and there is no dollar amount that can be placed on a bodily function that is needed several times a day.

This is why it is critical that an attorney get involved when someone sustains bladder and bowel changes following a brain injury. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer knows just how important the loss of bladder and bowel functions are and will fight for the maximum possible recovery. For a free consultation, call us at 703-721-4233 or Contact Us online.