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Pregnant And In A Traffic Crash? Here’s What To Do Next

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Traffic Accidents

Car accidents are traumatic, to say the least—from the sounds of screeching brakes and breaking glass to the sounds of sirens. But crashes can be especially frightening for pregnant women. Not only are expectant mothers at risk for sustaining injuries, but they are worried about the health and safety of their unborn babies—and rightfully so.

The truth of the matter is that the jolt of a crash and the sudden stopping motion can actually cause harm both to a pregnant woman and her baby. Even a minor accident that does not produce visible injuries may still cause harm to a woman’s abdomen and damage to the uterus, which can lead to pregnancy complications such as internal bleeding, placental abruption, premature birth, and miscarriage.

First Step to Take

Obviously, the most important thing to do after a crash is to seek medical attention, but it’s even more important for pregnant women to go to the emergency room when experiencing signs such as abdominal pain, contractions, vaginal bleeding, unusual discharge, vomiting, fever, dizziness, head pain, or swelling.

Although the womb does protect a baby from some jolts, sometimes a sudden impact can actually cause the placenta to separate from the uterus. This is called placental abruption. Sadly, this can lead to internal bleeding, miscarriage, or a stillbirth. This is why it is critical to seek medical attention in the minutes and hours following a collision.

Even if it was a low-impact collision and you aren’t sure if you’re injured, it is wise to seek medical care in the hours following a crash—whether you are in your first trimester or third trimester. By going to the emergency room or your primary care doctor as soon as possible, you should receive a thorough examination that will most likely include an obstetric exam and ultrasound that can help ensure the health of your fetus.

And the Next Step

If you and your family have suffered a loss or your baby suffered a birth injury following a car accident, the next step you should take is to talk with an attorney experienced in personal injury law. By talking with a lawyer who has past experience in this area, you can learn about your rights to seeking justice and collecting a fair and just financial recovery.

Although no amount of money can take away the harm that has come to you and your family, many victims find it helps to pursue a legal claim in an effort to get closure and justice. For a free consultation, please contact us online or by phone today.