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Understanding Paralysis As A Birth Injury

| Jul 31, 2017 | Birth Injuries, Library

When a baby is born, it is supposed to be one of the most joyous days in a person’s life; however, far too many times, infant births are marked by birth injuries that affect a baby’s life as well as the entire family’s future. This is the case when paralysis at birth occurs.

Typically, infant paralysis occurs from medical malpractice. Some incidents of medical negligence that causes paralysis at birth includes:

  • Damage to the spinal cord. When a direct injury to the spinal cord occurs during childbirth, a baby can suffer paralysis. This can occur when an obstetrician uses too much force to get the baby out of the birth canal or applies incorrect rotational stresses on the infant’s trunk. It can also occur if the doctor misuses birth-assisting tools such as forceps and vacuum extractors. Sadly, any injury to the spinal cord can lead to some form of paralysis for the newborn.
  • Damage to the brain. If a baby suffers a lack of oxygen or direct trauma to the brain during labor and delivery, it is possible that a baby can end up partially or completely paralyzed. This can occur from various acts of medical negligence, such as improper use of forceps and vacuum extractors. When a doctor applies too much force on an infant during delivery, a brain bleed can occur, resulting in brain damage and paralysis. Paralysis is also frequently the outcome of oxygen deprivation that occurs when the umbilical cord is wrapped around a baby’s neck or if a C-section isn’t performed in a timely manner.
  • Missed infections. When an expectant mother isn’t receiving proper care and she isn’t tested for certain infections, it is possible that a missed infection can spread to the fetus during childbirth. For example, medical negligence is often the cause of mother to infant transmission of infections such as congenital syphilis. Sadly, when an infection like syphilis and others aren’t treated and monitored, a newborn can suffer serious developmental impairments and injuries such as partial paralysis.

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