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When Temporary Paralysis Leads To Losses, A Medical Malpractice Claim May Help You Recover

| Aug 31, 2017 | Brain Injuries, Library

Whether a surgeon makes a critical mistake during brain surgery or a doctor fails to adequately monitor oxygen levels during a medical procedure, a brain injury or brain damage may be the result. When trauma to the brain occurs due to medical negligence, the patient may also be left paralyzed.

While any type of paralysis will drastically affect a person’s life, there are several types of paralysis that can occur when the brain is injured. In this article, we will discuss temporary paralysis.

What Is Temporary Paralysis?

As the name suggests, temporary paralysis is a short-term loss of body function. The victim regains function as healing occurs in the body, so the paralysis may last a few hours or a few months. Although minor in comparison to permanent paralysis, temporary paralysis is still a frightening and burdensome experience for the person suffering from it.

Effects of Temporary Paralysis

Even though a person with temporary paralysis will eventually regain full use of the affected muscles, during the time of temporary paralysis, a person may have had to make major adjustments. For instance, in-home care may have been needed or job loss may have occurred. When someone isn’t able to work and earn a living—even if it is for a short amount of time—it may be impossible to pay for the in-home care and rehabilitation needed to make a full recovery.

Temporary paralysis due to medical negligence is a very real concern. It can disrupt one’s life and cause emotional trauma and a financial crisis that can be very difficult to recover from. If you or a loved one suffered temporary paralysis as a result of medical negligence, we can help make sure you receive appropriate compensation for the losses you suffered during this time. No one should have to suffer the adverse effects of medical malpractice. If a procedure was poorly handled, we will help you seek justice and just compensation. Call our office today for a free consultation.