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Are Experts Needed In Cases Involving Spinal Cord Injuries?

| Sep 6, 2017 | FAQ

Qualified experts — neurosurgeons, orthopedic spinal surgeons, neurologists
— are absolutely essential in a spinal cord injury case. Injury by itself
does not prove a case. Expert testimony is needed in medical malpractice
cases and personal injury cases to prove that the injury was caused by
the negligence at issue. These experts also explain what a victim of a
spinal cord injury has experienced in the past and will likely experience
in the future relative to required medical care and complications of daily
living. We have experience in handling spinal cord injury cases and work
with well-known experts in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you or you loved one has experienced
a spinal cord injury, so we can start our investigation on your behalf.