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Monoplegia: A Form Of Paralysis That Can Be Caused By Medical Malpractice

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2017 | Brain Injuries, Library

When a person is left paralyzed, people often picture someone in a wheelchair
who cannot move their limbs. While this scenario is the most severe type
of paralysis a person can suffer, there are other less debilitating types
of paralysis that also affect a person’s quality of life. For instance,
paralysis that affects just one limb can seriously limit one’s capabilities.

Monoplegia is a type of paralysis that only affects one arm, leg, or part
of the body. People who have monoplegia generally have no feeling or movement
in one limb – which is usually the arm. And in some cases, the paralysis
may be limited to a single muscle.

Monoplegia Caused by Medical Negligence

Monoplegia is often caused by cerebral palsy. Sadly, innocent children
sometimes suffer cerebral palsy and paralysis as a result of medical negligence
during childbirth. For instance, when a lack of oxygen to the brain occurs
or birthing tools are used incorrectly, a child may suffer an injury to
the brain that may lead to monoplegia. When a child suffers monoplegia
of the hands, it is likely that one hand and its fingers will curl in
towards the body, making it difficult for a child to reach milestones
that require the use of both hands such as crawling. Medical negligence
that causes paralysis can also occur during brain surgery or another type
of surgery when a patient suffers a lack of oxygen, an anesthesia error,
or another critical surgical error.

Effects of Monoplegia

While monoplegia can put limitations on a person, many people with monoplegia
are able to learn how to care for themselves and perform daily chores.
However, just because people learn how to work around their disabilities
doesn’t mean that they will ever be able to reach the potential
they had before the injury. Consequently, they may miss out on income
and benefits they deserve as well as the same quality of life they were
used to prior to the injury.

Because any type of paralysis can create financial hardships and lifelong
effects that can put a strain on an individual and the entire family,
a medical malpractice lawsuit should be pursued in order to collect fair
compensation. To find out about pursuing justice and just compensation,
contact our law firm today for a complimentary consultation.