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How Can I Protect My Spouse And Kids After I’ve Been Injured In A Car Accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2017 | FAQ

Your immediate family is going to be affected by your car accident injuries. Their routines may be disrupted and they may be worried about you. They may also worry about whether they will be able to stay in the family home and afford the lifestyle they had prior to your accident.

You Can Help Them With All of These Worries and Disruptions

The best way you can protect your family from worry and disruption is to protect your legal rights and your possible financial recovery. If you pursue a car accident case and a fair settlement for the injuries that were caused by someone else’s negligence then you may be able to recover for your past, current, and future:

  • Medical costs. Medical costs are not limited to just your hospital stay or doctors’ appointments, but may also include things like medications and rehabilitation therapies. If you have to pay for them out of pocket then these expenses can be a significant burden on your family.
  • Lost income. Recovering income lost due to time away from work or a change in your earning potential can make sure your family’s standard of living does not have to change because you were hurt in an accident.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses. Your family should not have to incur the extra costs of childcare, household help or transportation that has become necessary since your accident.
  • Pain and suffering. Compensation for your physical pain and emotional suffering may help you feel better and in turn, help your family.

Fair damages can help you afford the care you need to make the maximum medical recovery while remaining in your home and maintaining your family’s lifestyle.

You Do Not Have to Be a Burden on Anyone

Take control of your own future. You can protect your family’s emotional and financial well-being by scheduling a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer. You have nothing to lose, and potentially much to gain, from this type of meeting. To schedule your meeting today, please contact us directly via this website or call us today.