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Quadriplegia Can Be The Result Of Medical Malpractice

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Brain Injuries, Library

Brain and spinal cord injuries caused by traumatic accidents or medical
negligence can lead to paralyzing injuries such as quadriplegia. Sadly,
quadriplegia can affect someone for life and even burden the person’s
family with enormous medical costs and caregiving responsibilities.

This is especially upsetting when medical professionals—the very
people we trust with our lives—cause the paralyzing injury.

Defining Quadriplegia

Quadriplegia (also known as
tetraplegia) is defined as paralysis of the arms and legs. A quadriplegic generally
loses function and sensation in all four limbs and torso; however, sometimes
the arms may function but the fingers do not work. Quadriplegia usually
refers to paralysis from the shoulders down. It does not discriminate
by age; quadriplegia caused by
medical malpractice can impact older people, adults of any age, children and teens, and even
newborn babies.

Quadriplegia From Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice can lead to quadriplegia or another paralytic injury
due to a doctor’s lack of attention, distraction, or a lapse in
judgment. For example, a doctor can make a diagnosing error or a critical
mistake during a surgery, or an obstetrician may make an error during
labor and delivery, or an anesthesiologist may make a medication mistake.
Any of these errors may be considered medical negligence.

Consequences of Quadriplegia

Obviously, quadriplegia robs its victims of a normal life. Consequently,
quadriplegics often miss out on opportunities throughout their lives due
to their devastating injuries. Most quadriplegics can no longer work,
nor can they have the same type of lifestyle they were used to prior to
the injury. Not only is the loss of employment due to one’s loss
of function a huge financial concern, but the medical bills for a quadriplegic
can be enormous. Quadriplegia also negatively impacts a person’s
ability to drive and take care of himself. All of these effects can cause
a person to suffer depression and emotional anguish as a result of the

Since quadriplegia is profoundly life-altering, it is important that victims
of medical malpractice obtain the maximum compensation possible so that
they can get the best medical and personal care possible for the rest
of their lives. Because cases involving medical negligence can be complex,
it is critical that victims and their families contact attorneys experienced
in medical malpractice.

We are committed to pursuing just compensation for victims of medical negligence.
If you, a relative, or a close friend has experienced a life-altering
medical error, we urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience.