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What To Expect When Working With A Truck Accident Attorney

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Library, Traffic Accidents

Before hiring an attorney for a
truck accident case, you want to know what you can expect of your attorney. Here are
some things you should expect of the lawyer you hire:

  • Free consultation. All personal injury lawyers should be able to offer you a free initial
    consultation. Usually the complimentary consultation will take place at
    the law firm, but sometimes due to the extent of injuries, the consultation
    can take place at one’s home, the hospital, or over the phone. You
    should expect to get to know your lawyer during this meeting, be able
    to ask questions, and be advised of your rights during this initial consultation.
  • Experience. You may or may not know this, but all lawyers are not equal. Some attorneys
    have years of experience and others are just getting their careers started.
    Some lawyers may practice personal injury law and others may practice
    a different type of law. Even if you hire a personal injury attorney following
    an accident with a large commercial truck, some personal injury lawyers
    may not have experience handling truck accident cases. The reason it is
    important to hire an attorney with experience in this field is that the
    laws surrounding truck accidents are very specific and may affect the
    outcome of your case. For instance, your case may hinge on a truck driver
    disregarding the hours-of-service law. If you hire an attorney who isn’t
    familiar with the laws that apply to trucking crashes, you may not get
    as much compensation as you probably deserve.
  • Good reviews. Before hiring a lawyer for your injury case, you should be able to take
    a look at reviews and read testimonials from past clients. Many lawyers
    have testimonials right on their website so potential clients can find
    out what others say about their experiences with the law firm. Even if
    the lawyer you are considering hiring doesn’t have testimonials
    on the website, you should expect that if you ask for them, the attorney
    should supply you with past reviews and testimonials. It is very important
    that the law firm has several great testimonials and reviews that can
    be shared with you.
  • Excellent communication. You should be able to contact your lawyer and expect to hear back from
    him or her on a regular basis. Although there will be paralegals and office
    support staff you will also hear from throughout your case duration, you
    should also hear from your attorney—especially if you have a question
    or matter that you would like his or her input on. You should expect your
    attorney to respond promptly to your phone calls and questions and to
    attentively listen to you. In addition, you should expect your lawyer
    to present all offers to you and inform you of your case status. And you
    should expect your attorney to take over communicating with all of the
    other parties involved—insurance adjusters, trucking companies, etc.

How Your Lawyer Should Work on Your Behalf

Not only is it important that the attorney you hire has experience handling
truck accident injury cases, knows the laws and is accessible to you throughout
the lawsuit, but you should also expect your lawyer to do the following
for your case:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation and obtain relevant evidence. Your lawyer should quickly get out to the accident scene to obtain as
    much evidence as possible and take photographs of the damages. Your attorney
    should collect the accident report, driving records for the truck driver
    and other parties involved, and request the downloadable information from
    the truck’s electronic control module (essentially the truck’s
    black box). Sometimes an accident reconstructionist will be needed. Other
    experts may need to be hired, and testimony from doctors will be essential.
    By obtaining all relevant evidence (even including your medical bills
    and records) and paying attention to detail, your attorney will be able
    to present a strong case to the insurance company.
  • Prepare the case for trial. While not every case needs to go to trial, if your attorney is preparing
    the case for trial, the insurance company will know he means business
    and the offer will reflect it. You should expect your attorney to gather
    and document all evidence to strengthen your case. This means evaluating
    your losses such as your lost wages, mileage to and from the doctors,
    pain and suffering, and how your life has changed from the wreck.

If your hire our law firm, you can expect our lawyers to do all of this
and more to help you win your case. We are committed to providing our
clients with personal attention and preparing every case as if it was
going to trial. Plus we know the federal laws governing commercial vehicle
cases. Please contact us today, and we can help you pursue the compensation
you deserve.