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How To Choose The Right Attorney For A Medical Malpractice Case

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Library, Medical Malpractice

After suffering harm at the hands of a negligent doctor or medical professional,
you are ready to seek justice, but you might not know who you should turn
to or how to find the right attorney for your case. One of the main factors
in choosing a lawyer is finding out if that attorney has experience in
the field of law you need. There are many attorneys to choose from, but
not all of them will have experience practicing medical malpractice law.

Because the laws associated with
medical malpractice can be complex, your case outcome will hinge on the experience your attorney
can bring to the table. An experienced medical malpractice attorney should
have a thorough understanding of the laws and be equipped with the right
theories and techniques to use in order to build a strong case. We suggest
some questions you can ask of an attorney to verify whether or not that
lawyer has the appropriate experience you need. Attend your first meeting
with the following questions:

  • How long have you been practicing law—and more specifically medical
    malpractice? Because you really don’t want a brand new lawyer handling your medical
    malpractice case, it is important that you start off by asking the attorney
    about his or her experience. Find out how long the attorney has been practicing
    law and how long the lawyer has been handling medical malpractice cases.
    You don’t need an attorney who exclusively practices medical malpractice
    law, but you should be hiring one who has a significant part of his or
    her caseload devoted to this area of the law.
  • Do you have courtroom experience? Not all attorneys take cases to court. In fact, the great majority of cases
    are settled outside of court, but you want to make sure your attorney
    has trial experience and isn’t afraid to go to court, if needed.
  • Do you have past results you can share with me? You should be cautious about hiring an attorney who can’t share his
    or her past successes or losses with you. A lawyer should be able to tell
    you how many medical malpractice cases he or she has handled and how the
    cases were resolved. In addition, a lawyer should freely provide information
    to you about any cases similar to yours he has had in the past and what
    type of settlement or verdict he received.
  • Do you provide free information to educate me about the laws and my rights? Our law firm provides our potential clients with access to numerous free
    articles, blogs, and frequently asked questions and answers. We even have
    free books that help patients determine if they have a case and more about
    their rights. While not every law firm will have a book about the subject,
    it is important that a lawyer answers your questions and helps educate
    you about the laws and your rights so you are informed in the beginning
    and along the way.
  • Do you work on a contingency basis? Our law firm, as well as many lawyers, takes cases on a contingency-fee
    basis. This means that you do not get charged a cent until your case receives
    a successful outcome. The good news about this arrangement is that you
    don’t have to spend any money out-of-pocket and you know the attorney
    has a vested interest in your case because if the lawyer doesn’t
    make a recovery for you, he or she doesn’t get paid.
  • Do you offer free consultations? Before hiring an attorney for your case, you should meet with him or her.
    But you shouldn’t have to pay for that meeting. Call or email the
    law firm to verify if they offer free initial consultations. That way
    you can meet with the attorney to find out if he or she has the experience
    you are looking for and whether or not the lawyer is someone you want
    to work with.

We know there are many law firms you can work with, but not all of them
may be suited to handle your medical malpractice claim. Because we have
been handling medical malpractice claims for years—getting our clients
both successful settlements and jury verdicts—we would be honored
to help you get the justice and just compensation you deserve. We offer
an initial complimentary consultation with no obligation to you, as well
as free information like our book,Do I Have a Case? A Patients Guide to Virginia Medical Malpractice Law. Please pick up the phone or email us today and allow us to help you right
the wrong you have suffered.