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Attorney Michael J. Shevlin Selected By Peers as Best Lawyers 2018 for Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | News

Attorney Michael J. Shevlin has prided himself on fighting for his clients,
and has earned numerous victories in the form of settlements and verdicts
that have recovered millions on their behalf. This has led to a number
of awards and accolades that he has accumulated throughout his career.
It is with great pleasure we announce yet another accomplishment, as Michael
Shevlin has been selected to the Best Lawyers in America® for 2018!

This honor is particularly special in that it is entirely based on peer
review, which means his selection demonstrates his outstanding reputation
with fellow personal injury attorneys. Specifically, he has been recognized
for his work in Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs and Personal
Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs. This honor shows just how trusted
and respected Michael Shevlin’s work has been, particularly amongst
other attorneys in the area with whom he regularly works.

This is not the first time that Attorney Michael J. Shevlin has received
this honor; in fact, he has been named in this list each year since 2008.

Best Lawyers in America® Selection Process

Best Lawyers utilizes a peer-review methodology that allows them to evaluate
thousands of attorneys all across the country. The process begins with
nominations, which are open to anyone. Attorneys who are nominated are
then placed on a ballot, which is distributed to attorneys based on their
practice areas and geographic region. Attorneys only review and vote on
those nominees who are in their region and practice area to ensure reliable results.

The ballot consists of one simple question: “If you are unable to
take a case yourself, how likely would you be to refer this case to this
nominee?” The nominees are scored on a one-to-five rating.

Once voting is completed, the Best Lawyers staff review the voting and
any comments left by voting attorneys before verifying each qualifying
attorney’s eligibility. All attorneys must be free from any disciplinary
sanctions or negative actions with their state bar association and must
be in good standing with the bar ethics committee.

About Best Lawyers®

Best Lawyers is an organization committed to helping connect clients in need of representation
with attorneys who have shown commitment and dedication to improving and
advancing the field of law and legal practice. Through their unique and
proprietary review process, they receive feedback on thousands of attorneys
across the nation in a manner that is unique and truly analyzes each nominee’s
reputation amongst their peers.

Each year’s list is published in a book entitled
The Best Lawyers in America, which highlights the top five percent of all practicing lawyers in the
United States. The listing is organized by state, city, and practice area
in order to help clients and those in need of representation find exactly
what they’re looking for. The 2019 edition is the 25th year the list has been published, and includes more than 60,000 of the
top attorneys in 145 practice areas, determined by more than 7.8 million
peer evaluations.

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