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Recognizing Negligence in a Rideshare Accident

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Ridesharing Accidents

In a rideshare accident, just like any other area of personal injury law, it’s vital for you to recognize and prove negligence to pursue the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what can occur on the road and the various ways in which a rideshare driver can be liable for an accident and the injuries that arise.

There are multiple ways rideshare drivers can be responsible for causing a crash. Here are some of the most common forms of negligence that can lead to a rideshare accident.

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Phone and App Distractions

Rideshare drivers rely on their phone and app to ping them when there is a new passenger waiting for a ride. The notification they receive requires the driver to look down at the phone and manually respond by accepting or denying the fare. This action can cause an immediate and potentially dangerous distraction.

Unknown Location

Much like the distraction of a notification from the rideshare app, a driver relying on GPS for guidance in locations with which they are unfamiliar can be a distraction. Looking at the phone can take the driver’s eyes off the road. Even just a few seconds can be dangerous.

When a driver is in an unknown location, not only can the GPS be a distraction, but the information provided by GPS can cause other problems. For example, a driver may be looking for different streets, making unplanned and illegal U-turns, and more. A sudden decision can be problematic for all other drivers on the road.

Distractions from Waiting Passengers

In a busy area, it can be difficult for rideshare drivers to scan the sidewalks for their passengers. The time it takes to look towards the sidewalk can be enough of a distraction to cause a severe crash. Similarly, the sudden stop the driver may make to pick up the passenger can be dangerous in high trafficked areas.

Whenever you suffer injuries because of a rideshare driver, a lawyer is necessary to compile evidence, build a strong case, and protect you from large insurance companies. We’re just the team for the job.

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