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What are the Requirements for Drivers to Work for a Rideshare Company?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Lyft Accident, Ridesharing Accidents, Uber Accidents

As rideshare companies become more and more popular, you start to see many vehicles with an associated sticker indicating the company for whom they work. While it is a great opportunity for many, there are some individuals who can be negligent and cause a severe collision.

One question that may be brought up is whether or not these companies have strict enough requirements and background checks to ensure safety. An attorney experienced in ridesharing cases will be able to investigate whether the rideshare company failed to perform a proper background check when hiring a driver or failed to monitor driver’s safety after being hired.

Here are the various requirements for both Uber and Lyft. Do you think they’re enough?

Requirements for Drivers

  • Age: Both Uber and Lyft require that the driver be the minimum age to drive in the city and/or state.
  • Driving experience: For Uber, a driver must have at least one year of being licensed or three years if the driver is under 23. Lyft determines this requirement based on the state, but they’re typically the same in how they look at driving experience.
  • Driving record: Uber requires a clean driving record while Lyft requires a driver to have no more than three moving infractions within the last three years or no more than one major moving infraction.
  • Insurance: Both companies require the driver to be listed on a private automobile policy that ensures the vehicle the driver will be operating.
  • Vehicle: Uber limits the vehicle to be no more than 15 years old and the vehicle must not be damaged. Lyft prohibits the use of rental cars unless done through their own Express Drive program.
  • Criminal background check: Both companies perform background checks using the driver’s social security number.

Unfortunately, there are many situations that can create problems, even with some of these requirements in place. For instance, Lyft allows drivers who have had at most one major moving violation, which can include reckless driving.

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