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How a Lawyer Helps You Pursue Compensation

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Lyft Accident, Ridesharing Accidents, Uber Accidents

There are plenty of questions that may arise after a rideshare accident. It’s easy to understand that you may not understand your rights, how to prove liability, against whom to file a claim, and what the process looks like. There are several factors that can impact your entire claim, and it’s in your best interests to have a lawyer on your side to safeguard your best interests.

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Going After the Right Party

Because insurance matters can complicate a rideshare accident, having a lawyer on your side can give you a better understanding of your initial claim. A lawyer can help you understand the circumstances related to the crash and whether or not the driver was on duty. If the driver is off duty, we’ll identify his or her personal insurance company with whom to file a claim.

If the driver is on-duty when he or she causes your harm, we’ll work to determine which insurance company covers the rideshare company and their policy regarding drivers who have and don’t have passengers. In any case, our work can help determine the exact party responsible for compensating you after your crash.

Leveling the Playing Field

Insurance companies are corporations focused on profits. They’re not always looking out for claimants. Instead, they use their large legal teams to try to protect their bottom line, sometimes using devious tactics to deny a legitimate claim. When this happens, it can put you in a vulnerable situation.

Having your own legal representation can help you protect your rights through the process, so the insurance company doesn’t have the chance to deny your claim wrongfully. Your legal advocate can help provide the necessary evidence to prove liability and safeguard you from their tactics so you know what to expect and can go through the process with confidence.

At Shevlin Smith, our Fairfax rideshare accident lawyers stand prepared to be in your corner. We’ll go the extra mile to hold the negligent party responsible for your injuries, whether it’s the driver’s personal insurance policy provider or that of the rideshare company. We don’t back down from large corporations; that you can be sure of.

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