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What are the Common Causes of Winter Car Accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Auto Accidents

In bad weather, we know that negligent driving can still occur. However, there are different types of accidents that can arise that would cause severe harm on the road. The causes often vary, but there are three main problems that exist when rain and snow fall.

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At Shevlin Smith, we focus on helping you after a car accident. The following three type of events are not always naturally occurring, and negligent actions may play a role in causing a crash:

Slippery Roads

Because Fairfax gets a lot of rain and snow, the roads can quickly become slippery. Rain, snow, and ice can make it not only difficult to stop but may also cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and cause them to drift into other lanes.

Poor Visibility

Fog and heavy rain or snow can reduce your visibility. Unfortunately, it also reduces other drivers’ visibility, and they may not see traffic stopping in front of them. It may even impact how well they see vehicles in the lanes next to them, creating a potential risk when merging.

Vehicle Condition

Drivers must perform regular maintenance. Unfortunately, vehicle maintenance is not a high priority for many, and it could lead to problems on the road. Those dangers are heightened in bad weather, and a problem such as worn brakes can lead to a catastrophic crash.

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