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Spine Injuries By Location

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Firm News

We know that spine injuries can be some of the most severe, but many individuals do not know that the impact stemming from a spine injury is often dependent on where the injury occurs. Along the spine, there are different sections, each controlling a different part of your body. Below, we will explain your spine’s different sections and how an injury can impact your life.

Cervical Nerves

The cervical nerves and vertebrae are at the highest point of your spine. An injury at this point can cause the worst damages, referred to as quadriplegia. This type of paralysis causes you to lose functionality in all parts of the body below the point of your injury, including all four limbs.

Thoracic Nerves

Injuries at the thoracic level most often result in paraplegia, which usually only impacts your lower limbs. Most often, if you suffer injuries to your thoracic vertebrae and nerves, you will require the use of a wheelchair due to the loss in lower limb functionality.

Lumbar Nerves

An injury to your lumbar vertebrae and nerves may cause you to suffer paraplegia, but in some situations, you may be able to retain lower limb functionality. You may have trouble walking without braces, though, and you may lose hip function.

Sacral Nerves

Injuries to your sacral nerves mean you most likely will retain the ability to walk, but you may lose voluntary control of your bowel and bladder functions. Typically, you may need specialized medical equipment following a sacrum injury.

Treatment may not always be possible, but physical therapy may be available depending on how severe the injury is and where your injury occurred.

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