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Is a Recorded Statement Required After an Accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Insurance adjusters may ask you to provide a recorded statement in the days after a car accident. While this can be helpful for some situations, you should never go through the process on your own because a recorded statement can be a tool that some insurance adjusters try to use against you.

When insurance adjusters ask for a recorded statement, they often already have answers to their questions. They want you to make a mistake that they can eventually use against you. Here are some of the things you should know about recorded statements after a crash occurs.

Speak to Lawyer before Giving a Recorded Statement

When insurance adjusters attempt to get a recorded statement, they are doing their job. Their objective is to learn your perspective on how the crash occurred and to learn about your injuries and treatment. By speaking with a lawyer before you give a recorded statement, you will have the opportunity to better understand the insurance adjuster’s objective and the likely questions to be asked. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your version of the events with an attorney informally. This informal setting will allow you to learn some of the do’s and don’ts for giving a recorded statement should you later choose to give a recorded statement.

What to Expect In the Recorded Statement

While we always recommend that you have a lawyer help you with the recorded statement, we know you may sometimes try to go through the process on your own. It helps to know what to expect if an insurance adjuster requests a recorded statement.

  • Questions about how the accident happened, including questions about whether you might be at fault in some way
  • Questions about your physical injuries and well-being
  • Questions about your healthcare and if you saw a doctor

Remember: Insurance adjusters prioritize their profits. They do not want to pay out maximum compensation. As such, it can help you to reach out to our Fairfax car accident attorneys at Shevlin Smith and learn how we can help you!

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