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Protecting Yourself During the Holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Around the holidays, the roads can become significantly more dangerous for many reasons. Unfortunately, there are several negligent acts that people can commit and cause others to suffer significant harm as a result. As a driver, you should know about these holiday dangers and the ways that you can stay safe.

Some of the biggest dangers around the holidays include:

  • More drunk drivers
  • More fatigued drivers
  • More rideshare drivers
  • More traffic

You should recognize the various signs that indicate someone is negligent. It helps to know the most effective ways to stay safe when someone else puts you at risk. Our firm is here to help you every step of the way, providing guidance so that you know what to do if an accident threatens your health and well-being.

If you suffer severe injuries because of negligence, we have got you covered. Call us today at 703-721-4233 to discuss your rights.

More Drunk Drivers

The holidays are a time for celebrations and getting together with those you love. Along with celebrations, though, people often enjoy drinks. While most people drink responsibly, others may drive while intoxicated and put everyone else on the road at risk. Here are some of the signs you should look out for to indicate a drunk driver:

  • Swerving between lanes
  • Speeding
  • Braking erratically
  • Driving without headlights at night

If you see someone you believe is drunk, you must work to ensure you stay as safe as possible. It can be daunting to encounter a drunk driver, especially if you are unsure how the other driver will react after a crash. Here are some things you can do to stay safe:

  • Never try to pass a drunk driver. If the drunk driver is swerving, they can sideswipe your vehicle and cause significant injuries.
  • Report the drunk driver to the local authorities using a hands-free device. Law enforcement officers can stop the drunk driver and potentially prevent them from causing harm.
  • If the drunk driver causes a crash, assess the situation carefully. Approaching a drunk driver can be dangerous, so be sure to report the accident as soon as it happens.

More Fatigued Drivers

More drivers are out late at night around the holidays. While several drivers are perfectly comfortable doing this, others may be too tired to drive safely. Most people do not know how dangerous fatigue is, but losing just a few hours of sleep can cause the same cognitive and physical impacts as someone who has been drinking.

Here are some of the dangers associated with fatigued drivers:

  • Tired drivers may fall asleep behind the wheel. Typically, this results in swerving or erratic braking as the driver awakes.
  • A tired driver may have decreased cognitive abilities or decision-making abilities. They may not break in time for traffic lights or vehicles stopped ahead of them, and they may not focus on the road clearly.
  • When fatigued, a driver may not have clear vision. They yawn more often, and their eyes begin to water or close. When this happens, it impacts how well they can see other vehicles around them, potentially leading to significant crashes.

More Rideshare Drivers

Rideshare drivers bank on holidays because they know people are often out celebrating with their loved ones. However, rideshare drivers can be just as negligent as everyone else because they are often distracted. They may also be tired while working late at night or unfamiliar with certain parts of the city.

Distractions serve as the most significant dangers when it comes to rideshare driving. Rideshare drivers often look at their phones as they watch for new passengers, check their GPS, or use their app to accept a new fare. They also spend a significant amount of time scanning sidewalks looking for those who are waiting on them to pick them up.

It’s easy for a rideshare driver to cause a severe crash because of negligence.

More Traffic

Holiday traveling is common every year. More people drive to their destination for their holidays, creating a significant amount of traffic. The more vehicles there are, the more dangerous it can be. When winter weather also plays a factor, a large amount of traffic can be very dangerous.

If you intend on traveling for the holidays, be sure to plan your time and route accordingly. Know when the most congested times are and which highways get the most traffic. If you plan accordingly, you can avoid some of the most common dangers on the road.

Get Our Fairfax Car Accident Lawyers On Your Side

The holidays are a time for joy and celebration. You should never have to endure severe injuries because of someone else’s actions. However, crashes happen far too often. They lead to several long-term problems, and it’s vital for you to recognize your rights to pursue compensation for the damages you may endure.

Whether you suffer an injury because of drunk driving, distracted driving, or any other kind of recklessness, our team at Shevlin Smith works to help you understand your rights. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality counsel so that you can feel peace of mind every step of the way.

Our Fairfax car accident lawyers will work to build a solid case on your behalf and hold negligence accountable. Trust that we will go above and beyond for you when you need us most. We seek maximum compensation on your behalf to help you move forward following a devastating crash.

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