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What Makes Motorcycle Crashes So Dangerous?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

We know how motorcycle accidents occur at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, they’re some of the most dangerous situations you can encounter. But what makes them so dangerous? Below, we will explain the biggest concerns for motorcyclists and how some of the most severe harm occurs.

Lack of Protection

If you drive a passenger vehicle, you know that you have a large metal frame to protect you. In a crash, the frame will experience the damage first and soften the impact of the crash on your body. However, a motorcyclist is not afforded those same protections. The only type of protection that a motorcyclist has is the gear they use, such as special clothing or a helmet.

While the gear and equipment will help, it does not soften the impact. If a car crashes into your motorcycle, your body is susceptible to severe harm. Your body might experience severe injuries because of the collision, making it more challenging to recover from a motorcycle crash than other types of accidents.

Increased Risk of Ejection

Motorcyclists have an increased risk of ejection in a crash. Without a seatbelt or airbags, a motorcyclist can launch off their motorcycle because of a crash. Unfortunately, ejections can lead to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and more.

Motorists in passenger vehicles are less likely to experience this incident because they would have to go through the frame, windows, and out of their seatbelts.

If you suffer a severe injury in a motorcycle accident because of someone else’s negligence, know that you have the right to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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