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What Is Road Rash?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Road rash is often a superficial injury stemming from a bicycle or motorcycle accident, but it can become more serious. It is one of the most common injuries for motorcyclists when they slide on concrete or asphalt and don’t have the proper equipment to protect themselves. Whenever it happens, the severity can vary, and you might deal with long-term problems.

Road rash is actually a friction burn. It occurs when there’s significant friction between a person’s skin and a hard surface. In this case, it is most common when a motorcyclist slides along the ground after a crash.

How Severe Is Road Rash?

The severity of the injury depends on how deep the burn goes. In minor crashes, road rash may only cause cosmetic damage, impacting the top layer of skin. These types of burns will not require medical treatment and will typically heal within a few weeks.

However, in more severe situations, road rash can reach the deeper layers of skin. There is an increased risk of infection and potential damage that can arise. You should seek medical care if the following occurs:

  • Your road rash exposes muscle or bone beneath the skin.
  • Your wound is more than three times larger than the size of your palm.
  • Your affected area has external objects, such as glass, rocks, or more.
  • Your wounds have excessive blood loss.

It is always wise to understand how bad your damages are. If you can seek medical care to prevent infection or help build your claim, do so.

A burn injury because of road rash is never easy to endure. If someone else causes you to suffer a motorcycle accident because of negligence, you deserve to hold that person accountable. Our Fairfax motorcycle accident lawyers at Shevlin Smith are here to help you. We will go above and beyond to help you understand your rights throughout the process.

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