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What Happens If There’s No Accident Report After a Crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Firm News

Following a crash into another vehicle, pedestrians, or property, accident reports are typically used to adequately determine fault. Without an accident report from law enforcement or an individual involved in the collision, liability can become extremely difficult to assess. In this scenario, relying on secondary sources for information about the incident such as eyewitnesses is more common.

Ultimately, each state has different protocols for handling crashes without reports and it is best to contact the local jurisdiction for details about the specific incident.

Document As Much As Possible About the Crash

After a car crash, the most important thing you can do is document the situation. Take pictures of the scene, note down driver and witness information, and make sure to save any documents related to the event like police reports. It is also beneficial to create a timeline of the events leading up to the crash as best possible. This pays off in court when establishing liability as it may provide key evidence.

Making written notes at this time is especially important since information can become cloudy after time has passed. Documenting your experience can give you peace of mind knowing that you have done your due diligence in demonstrating facts and maintaining accuracy regarding your claim implicated by the incident.

Hire a Lawyer to Help You Understand Your Rights

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as an individual or business when it comes to the law is likely one of the most important tasks you’ll face. Navigating complex court cases and understanding legalese can be a daunting task, so enlisting the help of an experienced lawyer will prove valuable in providing a thorough analysis of your situation and clearly outlining your rights.

With personalized guidance tailored to your individual needs, a knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that you don’t miss any pivotal steps and can provide ongoing advice as life circumstances or legal matters change. Hiring a lawyer is establishing an invaluable asset that will protect your interests in any current or future dealings.

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