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3 reasons delivery vehicles are so dangerous for other drivers

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Auto Accidents

Delivery vehicles were once relatively rare, but they are now everywhere. The rise of online retail has altered the way that consumers shop and the way that businesses get products to customers.

In addition to delivery drivers operating their own vehicles to bring meals, groceries and other small purchases to customers, there are countless drivers working for delivery companies, including massive online retailers with their own delivery fleets and companies that specialize in package delivery. The presence of all of those delivery vehicles on the road affects the safety of everyone else. The following are some of the ways that delivery vehicles increase the likelihood of other people being involved in serious collisions.

Vehicle limitations

Fleet vehicles belonging to massive corporate delivery companies aren’t necessarily as large as standard semi-trucks, but they are bigger and heavier than the average passenger vehicle. They have larger blind spots because of their size and can be difficult to safely maneuver in traffic. Especially when a delivery driver has recently changed professions, they may struggle to properly control and maneuver a large delivery vehicle.

Unsafe parking habits

The average delivery driver has dozens, if not hundreds, of packages to drop off on any given day. They are under intense pressure to be as fast as possible when making those deliveries. They do not have time to drive around looking for a place to park and must instead park as close as possible during a delivery. Often, delivery drivers park in outright illegal locations, with their vehicles sitting in traffic with their flashers on or taking up the shoulder of a busy road. They might even park at the bottom of a hill or around a curve, making it very easy for approaching drivers to cause collisions with parked delivery vehicles.

Unpredictable traffic maneuvers

Delivery drivers have to follow specific routes using navigation software, and they may sometimes need to conduct last-moment turns or course corrections. They can be unpredictable in traffic, especially if the driver does not consistently use their turn indicators. The less familiar a driver is with an area and the more packages they have to deliver, the more likely they are to drive in ways that surprise other motorists.

Someone involved in a motor vehicle collision involving a delivery truck may have questions about liability and financial compensation. Holding a delivery driver or their employer accountable could both be options depending on the circumstances that lead to a crash with a delivery vehicle.