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What if a rideshare driver is to blame for a crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Ridesharing Accidents

When rideshare apps first started marketing to consumers, they made claims about how they could improve road safety. The idea was that rideshare drivers could keep drunk motorists and those unfamiliar with local streets off the road. The average person, who may not be as aggressive on the road as a seasoned taxi driver, could provide rideshare transportation as a part-time second job.

Unfortunately, rideshare drivers are often relatively aggressive. They drive fast and brake aggressively. They can also act in ways that endanger their passengers. There have been a host of safety incidents involving Uber and Lyft vehicles. Some passengers have experienced assaults committed by drivers. Others have ended up in collisions that leave them with serious injuries.

Who covers the cost generated by a rideshare-related crash?

There may be special insurance available

As is true with most other types of collisions, one of the main considerations in a rideshare collision scenario is who was at fault for the incident. If the other driver was to blame for the crash, then they, not the rideshare driver or company, may be liable for a passenger’s injuries. When the rideshare driver caused or contributed to the crash, that can affect financial responsibility for the incident.

The timing of the crash determines who might ultimately need to help cover the expenses generated. If the crash occurs before the driver starts the ride or after they terminate the ride, then the driver may need to provide their own rideshare insurance coverage to the people involved. If the collision occurs during the actual ride, then the rideshare company may provide coverage.

There have been some high-profile local cases involving rideshare crashes, including cases that may have involved questionable driver conduct. Such scenarios may require difficult insurance negotiations or possibly even a civil lawsuit.

Pursuing justice after a motor vehicle collision can be difficult to begin with. If there are complicating factors, like a rideshare trip, that may make handling the aftermath of a wreck much more difficult. Passengers should not have to accept costs created by a car crash caused by a rideshare driver who has made unsafe choices. Evaluating compensation options can help those affected by rideshare collisions pursue appropriate compensation from the right party.