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Identifying Move-In Risks When Driving Near Campus

| Jun 12, 2016 | Catastrophic Injuries

If you’ve ever been a college student, you may not be surprised to find out that many college students are easily distracted, suffer from serious fatigue, and believe that they basically own campus streets.

How many times have you driven down University Drive in the beginning of September, and had to narrowly avoid hitting a student because he couldn’t see you over his massive laundry basket? Or had to slam on your brakes because a group of students decided to stop in the middle of the road to unload groceries?

Regrettably, it’s these types of distracted—one might even say clueless—attitudes that could wind up not only getting them killed, but could seriously injure you as well.

Move-in Dangers and Risks

College students: intellectual giants, and yet only a few of them have a lick of common sense.

According to research published in the Epidemiology Injury Journal of Life Sciences, Medicine and Health, an estimated 60 college students a year die and thousands more are injured as a result of distractions while walking around campus. Unfortunately, the excitement, anxiety, and urgency of moving into their new dorms drastically increase these distractions.

Common dangers during move-in include:

  • Distracted students crossing the street. Many students are new to the area and instead of paying attention to traffic, they’re looking at the scenery.
  • Students carrying large boxes that obstruct their view of the road. Students tend to focus on the task at hand (getting their boxes to their dorm) without much thought whether your car may hit them. They assume that, if they can’t see you, you’ll see them and stop.
  • Student fatigue. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 58 percent of college freshman do not get enough sleep, increasing their risks for disastrous accidents.
  • Heavy boxes and furniture. Moving can be an extremely hectic period in a student’s life, and she may not be the most organized. Watch out for heavy furniture and boxes being left in the street, in doorways, or even potentially falling from dorm windows or staircases.
  • Nervousness, naiveté, and arrogance can cause students to not pay attention to traffic laws.
  • Dangerous new experiences in fraternities. Exploring, experimenting, and drinking can quickly become out of hand when celebrating the start of a new year.
  • Increased presence in the campus area of bikers, young drivers, and drunk drivers can put all pedestrians at risk, not just students.

Don’t Let a Tragic Accident Ruin Your College Career

Excitement, anxiety, and exploration are all natural parts of starting college. However, when you allow these distractions to put yourself and others in danger, your life can quickly turn into tragedy. Don’t let a stupid mistake keep you from your college goals. Learn to always be safe, pay attention, and follow the rules.

Sadly, another life lesson you must also learn is that no matter how safe and cautious you are, another person’s negligence could still put you at risk. If you’ve recently sustained a catastrophic injury and need help with your claim, contact us today. Our knowledge, sympathy, and support will help prove to you why having an experienced lawyer is the first step to getting the settlement you deserve.

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